CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR Lafayette Tennis Club

Jr Summer Camps — Full day Summer Camp — 7/29/2024

Starts 9:30 AM Ends 3:30 PM

Mon- Fri
Contact Host (Hunter Gallaway)

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All Day 9:30-3:30

Morning 9:30 -12:30

Afternoons 1:30-3:30

2024 Summer Camps

The Lafayette Tennis Club offers the finest and most modern method of tennis instruction. Our instructors are trained to assist all students in learning basic stroke fundamentals. The Camp is overseen by Hunter Gallaway, Tennis Director and Owner. He is formerly a world ranked player, Collegiate All-American, and USPTA certified instructor. He was the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009 Men’s Open Player of the Year. Hunter has won over 15 national titles including multiple GOLD BALLS! He is assisted by a Camp Director and an outstanding group of experienced professionals and juniors instructors who have been personally trained in all aspects of teaching tennis.

The camp structure has changed.  Due to the high demand for morning sessions we have added 1 hour onto the camp so it runs from 930a to 1230p.  The afternoon and all day camps will be the same but we are only  taking one hour for lunch instead of 2 hours. More tennis!!!  All day campers will still be able to celebrate their final day with an afternoon swim in our amazing heated pool!!!

When you are signing up for the camp please do the monetary calculations for how many weeks that you will sign up..  If you sign up for 3 or 4 weeks it makes sense to join the club on a month to month basis with no obligation.  Please email me at or call 9259372582to find out about membership!  Full family memberships are as low as $130 per month and $115 for a Single membership.  The initiation fee will be $0 if you sign up for 3 sessions of camp or more! We have so many fun programs for the whole family!


  1. The ratios of students to instructors will be 1 to 10 student coach ratio.  The same coach will be used for the entire week. 

  2. We may have a maximum of 12 students that will be accepted for The all day camp. This may change.  If you can sign up and there are more than 12 players in the all day camp then it has changed.

  3. No snacks or ice will be provided at this point  We will replace your child's water if they run out and will have ice for injuries of course.
  4. Please have your player bring a face covering.  They will wear them during certain times of the day. As of now they are required to wear them at all times as well as our instructors.  This may change.  

  5. Make sure students have a large jug of water with ice.   

  6. When you drop off your player in the am or pm please stay in your car and if you are early please  park all of the way to the end of the parking lot.  If you are on time then we will meet you with an Instructor by the secondary entrance in between courts 2 and 3.  Your camper(s) will exit the vehicle and we will assist.  Your player will be directed to a court at this time. 

    For pick up, again please park at the end of the lot if you are early.  We will bring your camper to you up in the parking lot.  There will be a long line of socially distanced campers ready for pick up right on time.  Please do not be late for pick up.  A $15 late pick up fee will be charged if you are more than 15 minutes late. Please check your email for more details right before camp starts.     Please contact Hunter at 9253688882 if there are any payment issues.  Your player will not be able to attend if they are not prepaid.  Same day late fee sign ups will be strictly enforced. 

  7. There are no spectators allowed unless you would like to park up on the street and watch from there.  face coverings must be worn at all times.  

  8. If your player is sick, or has had a cough or fever in the last 2 weeks then please do not send them to camp.  There are absolutely no refunds or credits.  We have an extremely popular camp and this year make sure to sign up early to reserve a spot! 

  9. We will have limited rackets for players so please try to purchase a racket before hand.  Go to and they will walk you thru the sizing process for your player.  We may have a few rackets for sale as well and can string rackets for you.

  10. We may change or adjust our protocols at anytime.   

Thanks for your understanding!  Our main goal is to provide a safe and fun tennis camp environment!  

Refuse to Lose!
Hunter Gallaway

Camp Info

What to bring:
Tennis Racquet

Comfortable tennis shorts/skirts with pockets (NO JEANS or CUT OFFS!). Non Marking white soled shoes required. If worse comes to worse then skate board shoes and basketball shows usually pass the non marking test. Also some tennis shoes have dark soles that do not mark. Adidas solecourt boost are an example of this. These dark sole tennis shoes are allowed!

**—students will not be allowed on court with marking black soled shoes or running shoes!

If you have a question about your Child’s shoes please see the Camp Director for a shoe check. This rule will be strictly enforced! Your child will not be allowed to participate if he/she wears the wrong shoes. No Chewing gum is allowed at the LTC!

Your camper, especially all day campers should bring their own water jug with ice, hat, and extra sunblock. Boys should wear shorts with pockets for balls and girls should wear skirts with built in shorts for balls.

What is provided
Soft balls and smaller courts may be used for young beginners. Learning tennis has never been easier!

Loaner Rackets will be provided if needed.

Students may not receive the same racket every day. For comfort purposes we advise that you purchase a racket for your child. 21 to 23 inch rackets should be used in general for 3 to 5 year olds. 23 to 25 inch rackets for 6 to 9 year olds and 24 to 27 inch rackets for 10 to 14 year olds. These are beginner reccomendations.

Lunch and snacks will not be provided for all Day students. We will provide otter pop breaks when it is hot and if COVID protocols allow it.

Swimming will also be provided for all day campers in our new amazing pool on Fridays!! Make sure to pack a bathing suit and goggles on Fridays! Our new pool is heated and Awesome! All day students have the option of swimming for 2 hours on Friday afternoon or they may swim for 1 hour and attend the afternoon on court camp for the final hour of camp. The pool is heated

We will have lunch daily in our new semi enclosed viewing structure with fans!

Pee Wee Rackets may be purchased but are limited.

Location Information

Lafayette Tennis Club
Main Facility
3125 Camino Diablo
Lafayette , California 94549