Excellence 1 Program

For almost 3 decades the Hunter Gallaway Tennis Academy Excellence 1 program has proudly prepared athletes for the highest level of competition possible in junior, collegiate and professional tennis.  Different players have different goals – whether a player aspires to join a high-level D1 program, A DIII program, attend a university of the highest academic regard, compete on the ATP, WTA and ITF tours, or a combination of those – The HGA knows how to get there. Our track record speaks for itself; For over 25 years the HGA boasts players that win junior titles at the sectional, national and international levels.  A number 1 sectional player in every age division has trained at the academy.   We have been honored to see our players commit to the top athletic and academic universities.  

The philosophy is low player to coach ratios, challenging drills with constant feedback, daily strategic point play, fitness and mental training.  All players will be able to have a live video evaluation of all strokes by our Director Andrei Cimpoaie. This helps improve technical stroke and footwork issues quickly and helps us to track the progress of our student athletes.  Our environment is challenging and driven by accountability, strength, and respect. We follow and track our students results in both USTA, ITF, and school tournament play.  Our organization runs more USTA junior tournaments than any other organization in the world.  So, there will be many opportunities to train all week at the site that you will play a tournament at over the weekend.  Our Director Andrei Cimpoaie will conveniently be able to oversee the coaching of our players at a tournament on the weekend after training players on the same courts during the week. This is a big advantage for our players and coaches.  We encourage goal setting and push our students daily to achieve those goals, while understanding the level of commitment and the sacrifices it takes to be a top competitive player.  We demand hard work, while preserving and encouraging the passion for a great sport that will be with you for life.  We train hard and smart!  but most importantly – by enforcing a passionate commitment to excellence – we produce players that bring their best, on and off the court, every day.


Excellence 1 Staff

Andrei Cimpoaie

Andrei brings over 15 years of coaching experience, as well as a background in managing and directing academies and tennis club/facilities

His coaching experience ranges from beginners to world class juniors competing on national & international level, with a specialty in identifying talent. 

Andrei attributes his success as a coach to his ability to push players to higher levels than they thought possible and his emphasis on helping students improve key aspects of their technical game.

Combining his deep understanding of the principles of mental training, technical & strategy with his own extensive experience, Andrei consistently produces a high number of successful players.

Andrei was born and raised in Romania & speaks 3 languages (Romanian, Spanish & English)

Hunter Gallaway 

Hunter Gallaway has almost 3 decades of experience owning a Tennis Club and running the HG Tennis Academy and a personal training gym.  

He has coached a number one ranked player in NorCal in every age division for boys.  He has coached dozens of Division 1 college players and players on the pro tour.   Hunter also has been ranked  # 1 in the US singles division  numerous  times and has won multiple gold balls in singles.   

He was a former world ranked player who has won over 20 national titles.  Hunter  has represented the United States on our world cup team 5 times.  The locations of the world championships included  Perth Australia, Anatalya Turkey,  Durbin South Africa,  and Mallorca Spain.  These Cup competitions  are the  equivalent to the Davis cup for seniors.  He  captained once and was also the #1 player for the USA!  

Hunter was awarded the USPTA men’s open player of the year award a record setting 5 times and 4 times in a row.  He was the oldest player to ever receive this award.  He also received the USTA senior player of the year award, USTA Club of year award and the National USPTA  Club Manager of the year in 2021

Hunter oversees dozens of adult USTA,  and ball/fall teams.  He also runs  junior contra costa  and  junior USTA teams.  Hunter Directs all kinds of USTA, UTR and USPTA tournaments sometimes using other tennis sites where he supports the local High schools and college teams.  If you are a member of the Excellence 1 group you get to train at the site that you play a tournament on the weekend at.  This is a big advantage that only the HG Academy offers players!

Hunter has served on the Board of Directors for the USTA for 10 years and has been on the Junior Council  and adult tournament committees as well as the committee that hired the Executive Director. 

Approval, Enrollment and Evaluation Period!

- schedule an in person greet and meet to find out parent/student needs. Please email Andrei Cimpoaie at andreicimpoaie@gmail.com to schedule an evaluation

-all strokes will be evaluated 

- physical evaluation

- technical stroke issues will be addressed following the evaluation.

- placement into the right Excellence program will be determined after the evaluation.  


Excellence 1 Elite

Excellence 1 Future Stars

The Elite Program will run Monday thru Friday 1230p-330p. These are invite only clinics covering specialized high-level physical and mental training & conditioning to a select group of players in the 8 – 9+ UTR range. Players in this program are typically college bound or higher players. The criteria for the Elite program include commitment to both tennis and the program, ranking, and coach’s discretion. Direct entry granted to girls with 7.75 UTR and boys with 9.25 UTR. Approval for this program is handled by Andrei Cimpoaie

4.5+ utr 330p-630p Monday thru Friday juniors ages 10-18 who have a 4.5+ UTR and/or are solidly competing at the USTA 12 L6 and up level will fit into this program. Future stars clinics are critical to a player’s development, advancing the skills and game fundamentals brought into this level by strengthening the tactical and strategic aspects of their on-court presence. During these advanced clinics, players will receive specific technical instruction and be exposed to point play and stroke-production drills with additional physical activities to complement court movement. Developing mental toughness is an integral part of the Excellence program. Depending on player level an evaluation may be required prior to participation.


Live Video Evaluation 1.5 hours $250

- it will include a private lesson + 30mins video analysis session 

- we will review serves, forehands, backhands & volleys

- each session you will be given 3-5 coaching tips and the right exercises needed to quickly fix technical issues 

Tournament schedule consultation($150)1hr

Tournament Travel Coaching also available

You may purchase the Live video evaluation online but then should contact Andrei Cimpoaie please email

andreicimpoaie@gmail.com to arrange an appointment.  Same goes for our tournament consultation and travel coaching.   

Excellence 1 Elite Program Bundles 

Excellence 1 Elite 

6 clinics

Excellence 1 Elite 

9 clinics

Excellence 1 Elite 

13 clinics

Excellence 1 Elite 

9 clinics (Members Only)

$450/6 clinics $630/9 clinics  $825/13 clinics $500/9 clinics 

Drop in for non-members $80 & $65 Members. Drop in requires approval from andrei Cimpoaie please email ANDREICIMPOAIE@GMAIL.COM